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Through Keri her fascination, experience and education in yoga, Ayurveda and Integral Pelvic Therapy® a new form of Pelvic Yoga came alive. In this form all her passions merging.


The pelvic area, the source of creation, also the base of the body, that can be supportive to ‘feeling safe’, ‘fully being present’, ‘feeling grounded’ and all you want to bring to fruition in life is often a place where we don’t give much attention to. And so the pelvis forms into a storage place, instead of all the potent source of life force energy.


With different pranayamas, asanas and voice use during the exercises, several ways are taken to get in touch with the pelvic area and to let everything flow through again with prana, blood, minerals and life energy. There is also a mix of regulation of the nervous system and resetting of various nerves that are also in contact with the pelvic floor, eye yoga and stress release that is stored in the body.


◊ For male & female

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