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Through many travels, I came in touch with different tools such as yoga, music and ceremonies. My curiosity and mixed roots drove me all over the world, trying to answer the questions: Who am I? And where do I belong? With every travel I’ve been blessed with wise guides who helped me to — piece by piece — solve the never-ending puzzle of life. I have tried and tested many different approaches of all the same truth, with all different dimensions, different depths.


About ten years ago I first came in touch with Kundalini Yoga. It sparked my passion for yoga and opened up a whole new world to me. Soon after, I discovered Yoni Yoga. This was such a powerful experience that unlocked a lot of feminine revelations, inspiring me to dive deeper into the natural cycles of womanhood. When I moved to Amsterdam in 2017, I did my Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at Yagoy with Liisa Russman and Anne Vida-Keda and soon after I joined the Delight family as a Karma yogi with a steady Mysore practice. 


I continued my yogic journey by studying Ayurvedic Foundation at Delight with Tori Hyndman. The Ayurvedic way of approaching wellbeing through the elements really resonated with my experiences during my travels abroad. It inspired me to form my own natural way of sharing yoga: ‘Elemental Yoga’. My travels to places such as Hawaii, Bali, Peru and Mexico made me discover knowledge within different traditions and ceremonial practices. This brought me even closer to the belief that we have many teachers all around us, with ourselves being the most essential ones. 


One of my profound experiences has been to spend 15 days in total darkness in 2020, in Italy. It was a complete rebirthing. So much came up; forgotten memories, the whole spectrum of emotions, lots of expressing, integrating, releasing, embracing the darkness fully. In Ayurveda this practice is called the Kaya Kalpa and I received the message why the name Mukti came to me. The terms are closely related, since the Kaya Kalpa practice is a way to the state of Muki, being the last phase before rebirth, the end, the death, the shed. To me, the time I spent in the dark meant a liberation of all that I was, before it. 


I believe in togetherness and the natural way. I believe in this spark we all possess, this everlasting flame that is burning in every living being and I believe that when we all trust in this light, when we all can fully embrace this unconditional love that is pumping through our being, we can step into our highest potential. 


At this moment I am rediscovering my love for music, and combining this with my knowledge to create sound as a subtle tool to dive deeper. The past years I have shared my Elemental Yoga, Yoni Yoga & music in circles, whether it is ceremony, meditation, restorative flow or the Savasana. I believe we can heal, we can come together and lift each other up into this New World where we are all ONE - 



With love, 



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