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In this safe space we explore together around - intimacy -


Intimate, from the Latin word ‘intimare’ means make known, announce, impress or the latin word ‘intimus’ which means inmost, innermost, deepest. 


Yes, we are beautiful, powerful, sensual beings but how do we cooperate this ‘female’ energy into our daily lives? How can we move with our sexual energies in a way that we keep ourselves sovereign and aligned with our inner truths. How do we connect with our intimate feelings and how do we share them in a way that we stay connected with our inner source?


This evening we deep dive into our feminine powers and will be a short introduction about how to experience -intimacy-

Sharing our experiences and that what is rising around this topic. Also through several exercises we create connection with our own intimacy. Exploring this dance of take and give. Creating awareness from which place we make the decisions to share our intimacy with our surroundings. 


Exercises & tools how to express our inner feelings into the outer world 


How to take ownership of your own intention and decision making based on our intuition & our deepest longing.


We bring this topic into community, into a safe space where we all open ourselves to support & empower. 


✨Tickets 33 € (incl. fees Eventix or cash) 

✨Sign up by Eventix or mail ;


Any questions are always welcome & check for more info! 



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