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A nurturing journey in the soil of our body with an exploration into our nervous system, movement, dance and ceremony.



We heartly welcome you for this week full of rejuvenating bodywork, movement & dance magic. A very practical dive into our nervous system, regulation, movement, exploration and integration of our bodies aka our temples in the middle of the enchanted forest in Drenthe. A whole week where we dive into our body and the systems that are working 24/7. We start with soiling our grounds so we can center and connect from a balanced foundation into all layers of life, the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.


By experiencing our life through our bodily sensations, we can experience the breath of life in our body and in our heart.


During the week we will focus on our physical body especially our pelvic area. When we are completely present in our lower body this can help with grounding, being aware and feeling safe. Also this is the place of our life force energy, which we will approach with a playful, curious attitude. By connecting to this energy, our feelings can run freely again and our creativity awakens. 


In our dance, we travel into the magic of movement and rhythms to immerse ourselves in the diversity, beauty and joy of our bodily expressions and experience our many sensations in movement. All the many various expressions of ourselves can be sensed within us and woven back to support the integration of all that we are. This can help us make us feel safe in our bodies and stay connected to life.


What we will offer; yoga (for all levels), somatic movement practices & dance in nature, lectures on nervous system & on stress/trauma by special guest, ceremonies to reconnect and to enjoy and lots of yummy ✦ organic and wholesome ✦seasonal and local ✦ ayurveda inspired ✦ full of prana and life force ✦ food by Eleonora Conscious Cooking. And very important lots of fun, deep connections and ultimate self-care.




Keri is educated into Traditional Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ayurveda and just graduated as a Integral Pelvic Therapist. During her travels among others the Amazone, Peru, where she merged into the traditions of the Shipobo Conibo tribe, Hawaii, diving into permaculture and all the music that came along, West-Africa, where she worked with the ‘Vodun’ and connect with the ‘Kora’ (African Harp), India diving into the Traditional Yogic Lifestyle and 15 days going inwards in complete darkness. Through this broaden experiences she has her own way of weaving teachings together and facilitating a container to connect with ourselves with natura as her biggest inspiration. 


Corinna White Bear is a healer, dancer in ritual and artist. She works with young generations and women of all ages in dance, art and ritual. To become of who they are and to dance together in dance ceremonies to weave back an empowered and joyful community. She sat with many healers and indigenous traditions in ceremony and circle to learn about their traditions. Since many years she travels to sacred sites around globe to dance on  them. Furthermore she dances in dance rituals for healing and remembrance.

More Corina


Eleonora Porcaro loves expressing her creativity through cooking and it gives me joy to provide nourishment to those she cooks for. Her Italian roots have thought her to appreciate good quality food and by studying Ayurveda she learned to create meals that can be well received by the body. I like to add sensitivity and intuition to this blend. “FOOD IS MUCH MORE THAN SOMETHING YOU MINDLESSY PUT IN YOUR MOUTH TO SURVIVE, IT IS ENERGY, RITUAL, MEDICINE, COMMUNITY, AND JOY.”



Early birds € 456,- till 01-01-2023

Regular birds € 543,-

*prices are including shared rooms from Monday till Friday, vegan meals 3 times a day from Monday lunch till Friday breakfast.

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