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15-04-2024 @ Landgoed de Denneboom, Schijndel 

Dear sister,

On Saturday with the new moon we come together with a group of women. In a circle where we are all equal and support each other. A circle of connection in which we can soften together and let the feminine energy do its work. A safe space in which we can let go of our daily roles and connect on a deeper level. Naturally, this will help us get in touch with our emotional part, which is connected to our intuitive self.


Every moon a different topic will come up, this is determined based on the check-in round in the group. From a short meditation to connect with ourselves and arrive in the moment, we will share, listen and do some exercises, empower each other and address parts of ourselves that may fade into the background in daily life.


Do you feel called to gather? You are very welcome at Landgoed het Denneboom. I, Keri, am really looking forward to getting to know you and opening our hearts together. Coming together with women is so magical, finding out how we often encounter the same things and then moving beyond the shame and guilt, creating space for acceptance, healing, love and, above all, fun!

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