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YIN YOGA & BLUE LOTUS, Zutphen, 27 august


Melanie & Keri are joining forces to share a relaxing Yin practice coupled with a sparkling Blue Lotus ceremony.


The blue lotus originates from ancient Egypt and represents spiritual rebirth and life force. This majestic flower was used in temple ceremonies for blessings, anointing, healing and meditation.


Served as a tea, the blue lotus flower warms your body with a slight euphoric glow and gives you access to deeper parts of your subconscious self. A gentle dream herb and aphrodisiac, the blue lotus has balancing, healing properties, especially in the areas of circulatory, immune and reproductive systems.


The lotus germinates in the mud, where the flower takes root in the deep unknown or consciousness. The power of the lotus is to transform the "lower" into the higher so that we can dive deep and experience a deep level of divinity that could illuminate our hidden parts. Together we sink into the mud to bloom out of it.


With Yin Yoga where the focus is on relaxation, we hold poses for multiple breaths so that we can sink deeper to work on the deeper tissues in our body, the fascia. By relaxing in an accessible series of asanas, stagnant physical and emotional energies can be released, such as blockages or tension.


The Blue Lotus in conjunction with the Yin Yoga leads us to a deeper yet sparkling relaxation, soothes the nervous system and creates a sense of well-being. The fusion of the Yin poses, Blue Lotus and live sounds will bring serenity and tranquility to the experience, supported by the ethereal sounds and deep healing vibrations of the heart.


You are most welcome to come and experience this with us during the new moon in August. The new moon allows us to go in even more to connect with ourselves.


Walk-in: 19.30

Start ceremony: 20.00

Closing: 22.00

Location: Het Middenhuis, Fie Carelsenstraat 32, Zutphen 


Mats are available, feel free to bring an extra blanket or sheepskin for extra comfort.


Donation: 33€ incl. Blue lotus tea and regular tea. CLICK HERE ; https://

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