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5 march - 20 august - 6 november - 8 november  @ Mahara, Amsterdam - NL

Come into connection with our womb, our inner watersource, place of creation, our nature, our cycle, with our sacred space where life arises. In our pelvic floor area we have 5 main (superficial) muscles & in our modern world of desk jobs and “comfort”, these muscles are pretty unutilized. And in muscles that we don’t use we storage a lot of emotions, pain & trauma which houses into the connective tissues of our womb space. During Yoni Yoga we will connect with these muscles & love them up with attention & exercise. Releasing the patterns of tension in the tissue can help release trauma & remove psychological blockages, which can be tremendously more effective than just talking about them. You will work directly with the source of where it is located. 


We start our exploration very slowly with a sharing followed with a yoni steam to calm, relax & sink into our sacred space. With the heat of the yoni steam our pelvic floor can start to relax and even release tension. The steam is like a warm cuddle from the inside out, slowly opens the yoni a bit. 


In lots of situations we receive without checking in with our yoni if she is ready to receive. So after the steam we take a moment to check in with our yoni if she is ready to receive the yoni egg. And this depends on the way you feel in that moment, like every day can feel totally different. Not every day is your yoni ready to receive. Let’s embrace the voice of our wombs. 


With or without the yoni egg, we do some exercises to connect with our muscles in our pelvic floor. With use of the yoni egg it is easier to feel your muscles from the inside out. Understanding our inner ways, our inner gateways. Discover our tensed parts to create relaxation here. The subtle movements in this physical space can start waves in deeper levels since our womb space is the place where we create life, the place that is closely connected to multiple dimensions of life.


The practice is very sacred and delicate work to come into alignment with our magical womb space, the place where we create. Let’s life with the full potential of our potent inner cycle to create all the magic where our hearts beat for. 


◊ Check the sharings page for upcoming events.

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