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◊ YONI YOGA ◊ @ Mahara Holistic Lifestyle Amsterdam 05-09-2022

Beloved sister,


We invite you for this special yoni session within the yurt. We offer you an introduction & exploration into the tales of the womb. We will create a sacred space were we go on an inward journey.


This afternoon will start with a sharing about the yoni, every evening there are different talks depending on what that evening arises. Followed by a yoni steam & some exercises (the yoni yoga) you can take home. A little introduction to create connection with our yoni which is a portal to the womb. Together we create a safe space where we can heal & awaken our feminine powers.


✨ Yoni Steam ✨

For the steam we have a blooming blend. The steam helps the yoni to deeply relax & nourish from within. It is a very purifying way to open up, soften & become a little warmer from the inside out, almost like a inward hug.


✨ Yoni Yoga ✨

In our sacred area we have 5 main (superficial) muscles & in our modern world of desk jobs, these muscles are pretty forgotten. And in muscles that we don’t use we storage a lot of emotions, pain & trauma. During Yoni Yoga we will feel these muscles & love them up with a little attention & exercise. Releasing the patterns of tension in the tissue can help release trauma & remove psychological blockages, which can be tremendously more effective than just talking about them. You will work directly with the source of where it is located.

Let's heal, connect, bless & reactivate our female magic that’s so ready to shine.


✨ Wear a dress / skirt *something comfortable*

✨ A yoni egg is highly recommendable (also available @ Keri & Mahara)

✨ Ticket 44€ (excl. fees Eventix or cash)

✨ Sign up by Eventix or mail ;


If you feel the calling & not fully sure yet if you feel to attend the whole evening; It is optional to join for ONLY the talk & flower steam.

* make sure you have some space after the session to stay in the softness & gentleness


Any questions are always welcome! 

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